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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it


Our Story

SHIELDLER is a sustainable material engineering company with a proficient innovative group legacy backing its core philosophy to protect today and secure tomorrow. 

Founded in Amsterdam, SHIELDLER is a young company passionately dedicated to leading the sustainable plastic revolution and restoring the balance between people and the planet. 

SHIELDLER has a network of employees, resellers and distributors across Europe and Asia.

Our Values

  • Mission: To eliminate single-use virgin plastics from the healthcare and nutraceutical industries.
  • Vision: The world is relieved of plastic waste as it has become the ground material for a new standard of high - quality recycled plastics.
  • Essence: We are pioneers at the frontier of transforming the plastic waste usage


We aim to innovate and revolutionize the healthcare and supplement sector by introducing packaging products made of the highest quality recycled plastic.

  • Certified sustainable material solution for product and packaging
  • Product durability and enhancing circularity 
  • Customization & in-house prototyping 
  • High - quality products with guaranteed engineering and product design expertise & consultancy 
  • Economic value 
  • Large scale manufacturing & logistics 



Our Sustainable solutions ensure taking key actions from The SDG Blueprint for a greener future

By using SHIELDLER® for high-quality,100% recycled products such as pill bottles, you can contribute to tackling the key global issues of


SDG 12

Responsible production:

SHIELDLER®’s partnerships are established and maintained on a foundation of honesty, fairness and consistency in all our practices. All our supply chain partners adhere to a code of conduct, which sets out our expectations for social compliance, auditing and waste monitoring, alongside labour rights and regulations. Our clients have assurance on manufacturing & supply chain CSR from waste to final product.


SDG 13

Climate Action:

SHIELDLER® targets plastic pollution and CO2 emissions by not using any virgin plastics and instead recycling post-consumer plastics, preventing them from turning into ocean microplastics, affecting the oceanic carbon cycles. Circularity for a lower global carbon footprint is further ensured by the durability, multi-use and fully recyclable nature of Shieldler® products, providing a smart, long-lasting and durable alternative to virgin petroleum-based single-use plastics.


SDG 14

Life Below Water:

SHIELDLER® programmes have a more impactful contribution to cleaning ocean pollution than most – they prevent plastic from ever entering the oceans by collecting post-consumer waste from four of the most polluting rivers in the world, which are the key source of global plastic ocean pollution. Furthermore, by taking this waste out of the environment, we ensure the end of the exponential single-use nature of plastic and the ever-increasing growth of waste ending up in nature and our oceans.

SDG 12
SDG 13
SDG 14

Our Services


Conceptual Design:
We have the unparalleled design expertise to match your product, brand and operational needs with off-the-shelf solutions or custom design, ensuring both functionality and optimal user experience.

Our group legacy of Arch & Hook engineering experience enables us to let materials shape our ideas, while our production expertise and global manufacturing facilities ensure we can always manufacture your products to the highest quality and durability.

After Sales :
Our support and care for your company do not end as soon as your order is complete. As your partner, we promise quality delivery and execution of the project. Our long-term partnership will support you along your sustainability journey. 

Quality Control:
Our materials are certified from their source through to the end product. We follow a meticulous cycle of quality assurance throughout our operation process to ensure our best social and environmental practices.




SHIELDLER is a sustainable material engineering company with a proficient innovation group legacy of Archwey backing its core philosophy to protect today and secure tomorrow.

Archwey is the sustainable materials engineering group on a mission to eliminate virgin plastics from the world. By utilising and supporting smart engineering solutions, the creation of new plastics is entirely unnecessary.

Archwey is dedicated to ensuring circularity, eradicating plastic pollution and protecting life. The company is working with any consumer-focused or industry-facing company that shares this belief and that wants to stop contributing to the problem and instead be part of the solution.

Archwey is the holding company for leading material innovation companies Arch & Hook, SHIELDLER and PlasticBean, reshaping the world’s building blocks.


Our Team 

We’re a team of highly driven visionaries committed to using our careers to support the greater good. Our confidence and can-do attitude are backed up by the exceptional shared expertise and resources we have at our fingertips. Due to the lean and mean character of the organization, we move quickly and with determination. This way, our team takes the lead in the pursuit of a world where the use of virgin plastics is kept to the bare minimum.

Our Partners