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Sustainability is now

It does not work in silos, it needs collaboration.



We are facing a growing ​healthcare waste challenge

25% of total healthcare waste can be attributed to plastic.

USA healthcare facilities generate 1,3 million tons of plastic waste per year

Global medical waste equals 1.300 kilos per head of the present worldwide population.

The paradox

To this day plastic qualities often dictate its use.  The healthcare & supplement sectors rely on single-use virgin plastics for safety, hygiene and cost-effectiveness. 

This creates the paradox that treatments now cause new ailments later.

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A change is needed today

The world is demanding an urgent change on plastics. Ensuring your packaging and healthcare products are made from sustainable materials is a must for your business.


In a recent report, the WWF and Dalberg highlighted our understanding that the production, consumption and disposal of non-circular plastics has significant negative impacts on society and the economy, as well as the environment – costs, which are not accounted for in the seemingly low price of virgin plastic.


The single-use nature of current plastic production and consumption inevitably results in the increase in plastic waste​which has direct effects on human health and climate change.

Every EUR1 paid for the production of plastic, triggers EUR9 in societal damages.

Costs of plastics include:​​

1) CO2 emissions during production​

2) collection and processing after usage​

​3) cost related to plastic waste ending up in the environment. This has an impact on many things like biodiversity, a decline in wild catch aquaculture and negative effects on tourism (polluted beaches)

The oceans plastic soup is expected to grow from 100-150m tonnes today to 600m tonnes in 2040.

The negative impact of plastics generates costs for society not accounted for in the current plastics market price: the lifetime cost of the plastic produced in 2019 will be at least USD3.7trn, and it is estimated that this will double to USD7.1trn by 2040.​

The production of plastic grew from 2m tonnes in 1950 to 368m tonnes in 2019 and this could double by 2040/50.

The wide use of plastics comes at a cost.​

And the cost is the health and wellness of the patients we have vowed to do no harm to.

SHIELDLER has a solution, our mission is to eliminate the use of virgin plastics by the healthcare and supplements industries.

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